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How Many Dice?!

We are really excited to announce that running Jul 1st to July 31st we will be teaming up with Glenn Vaags to raise money for the absolutely incredible Nanaimo Child Development Centre! Come on down to the store and take a gander at this!


Come take a guess at just how many dice are in the Jar for a chance to win all the dice plus a Princess Peach painting donated by Glenn Vaags! It’s $2 per guess or 3 for $5 and unlimited guesses! At the end of July whomever guessed closest will win all the dice and the painting and all the money will go to the Nanaimo Child Development Centre!

Another day in the #THGlife. See you soon!

A Wild Update Appears! …it’s not Shiny…

I Head portraitWell, the regular updates didn’t really work out as planned! Turns out, working two jobs and opening a store doesn’t leave you with a lot of time! Anyway, let’s do a quick recap of the last few weeks.

                First: MosaiCon!

What an amazing event! Everyone was so excited to be there and so welcoming. All the vendors were fantastic and everyone we met made the experience a million times better than we ever thought it could be. It is amazing to me that collectively, as a Con, we beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 9 hours! That blows my mind and is an incredible example of the amazing gaming community we have here on the Island. Then, there was the Nintendo World Championship: seeing the variety of people try it out, from people who grew up with the games, to people who had only played on emulators, to kids who had never played the original Mario… the turn out and reactions were priceless. Seriously, a hearty thank you everyone who came out. Thank you to all the vendors and thank you to MosaiCon for making it all happen. We will definitely be back next year!

                Second: Open Day!

Hey, remember when I said come see on the 18th and watch us flail around while we realize everything we forgot about? I didn’t think so many of you would take us up on the offer! Wow, what an amazing turn out for a “soft” open. It was great meeting everyone, recognizing people from MosaiCon, and hearing over and over again “This is what we needed”. If there were any doubts about this store being a good idea, they were thrown out the window after this day.

                Third: The BBQ!!!!

Wow…Just wow. If we thought the “soft” open was busy? My god, I think the entire Island showed up to this one! We had our Charity BBQ for the Nanaimo Women’s Resource Centre and due to some truly incredible people, we managed to have 25 pieces of artwork to raffle off. You guys and girls are truly incredible and your generosity (as well as love of hotdogs) knows no bounds! Not only did we run out of Hot Dogs 3 times, but we also managed to raise over $700 for the NWC! That is amazing to me and just goes to show what we can do as a community. Don’t worry, this wasn’t a one-time deal. We’re from this town and we’re here to make it the best place we can.

What’s next?

Well, I’m still hoping to get back to updating the site with regular content now that we’re open and hitting a groove. We’ve been asked about the podcast a lot and yes it will be continuing. We have our Second episode recorded and I just need to find the time to edit it and put it up (fingers crossed it will be soon). I have a few mini reviews coming for some single issue comics I have picked up in the store, so keep an eye out for those as well. We’re going to be getting our youtube page up and running and going forward, we hope to be recording everything on video as well as audio, so keep an eye and ear out for that.

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of for now but we will definitely be getting more content up here and we really want to thank everyone for their support. We love you all and don’t worry, The Giant is here to stay.

I wish I had thought of a better reveal…

I Head portraitSince I haven’t posted in almost a month, I figured it’s time for an update! If you’re following our Facebook page (which I assume everyone does, including Obama) you’ll know we’re in the throes of opening up our store! While this is equally exciting and terrifying I wanted to take a minute to talk about what we want out of this store.

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