Weekly Events


Tuesday is tough, you’re just recovered from your weekend, gotten over the Monday shock and the rest of the week is stretched out before you like the deserts of Egypt. Fear not, because we have


Come down for some kitchen table tactics! Don’t worry about legality, we accept all deck types, Modern, Standard, Legacy, Commander or, my personal favourite, Kitchen Table! As long as your having fun, you’re doing it right. And don’t worry, if you don’t have cards or don’t know how to play, come anyway! We have decks available for everyone to use and will happily teach you!

Check out more information on Magic The Gathering here!



Wednesday, the middle of the week. The day to say “Hey, we’re half way to fun.” and then sob softly to yourself. Don’t worry, The Giant is here to save the day! Each Wednesday we showcase a different game in store! Pop in, play some games, learn some things about life and go home reminded that you can in fact have fun on a Wednesday!



The weekend is almost here and it’s time to celebrate. And there is no better way to celebrate than yelling “Pew Pew” at each other and making “Han shoots first” jokes ad nauseam with:


Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures are a ton of fun and very easy to pick up and play! Come on down for some epic space battles, some back alley scum dealings and some general cursing at coloured dice! We have ships in house if you’ve never played to try it out! It takes 15 minutes to learn and a lifetime (or at least a weekend) to master!

For more information on the game, check this out! 



It’s Friday, it’s the end of the week and it’s time to get out of your work skin and become your real self! That’s right, it’s time for



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You did it! You made it to the weekend! We’re proud of you and as a gift, you tell us what we’re playing! Come on down to the store, play whatever you like and maybe, just maybe, we might have some events happening to keep you entertained. Keep your eyes locked on the Facebook Page as well as the Upcoming Events page to see what we have in store for you!