THG Loyalty Club

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How do we ensure loyalty? With a Club of course.

That’s right! We have an official THG Loyalty Club, free for everyone and, hey, it even comes with some cool perks. So how does it work? For every $1 you spend = 1 point and there are 3 levels to hit:

Level 1: 100 Points

             – You get 10% off 1 item of your choice (Excluding Magic the Gathering Booster Boxes)

Level 2: 500 Points

         – You get any item in the store with a value of $24.99 for free, with the exception that you have to pay the tax on it!

Level 3: 1000 Points

        – A framed print from Comic-Con, signed by the original artist.

This program was designed to thank everyone for your continued support and contribution to our community. And with that in mind, we are adding some additional perks to keep our Loyal Customers in line… I mean, keep our loyal customers happy and show our appreciation! 

**NEW** For any Loyalty Club Members who sign up for one of our paid events (I.E. Tournament, Draft etc.) You get to choose one of the following discount options at the time of the event

Netrunner Event: You may choose one 

  • 5% off a Core Set
  • 10% off Large Expansion
  • 15% off Data Packs

Magic Event: You may choose one

  • $1 off Booster Packs
  • 10% off Sleeves

X-Wing Event: You may choose one

  • 5% off Epic Ship
  • 10% off Large Ship
  • 15% off Small Ship

Dice Masters Event: You may choose one

  • 5% off Starter Set
  • 10% off playmat
  • Buy 5 Booster Packs Get 1 Free 

…And now you have even more reasons to check out the Events page:

Praise be The Giant!