Magic Evolutions Booster League

Introducing The Two-Headed Giant’s Magic The Gathering Evolutions Sealed Booster League!!!!

Starting Signups Right now! Start with 3 Booster packs for $10 and build a limited 30 card deck (including lands) Points will be awarded for participation and getting achievements.

Rules are no outside cards other than basic land.

A minimum of 2 games must be played per week with 2 other unique EVO League players.

You can only earn achievements in 2 games per unique opponent per week (Only 2 games count per person)

On the first week of every month there will be a $5 upkeep. One more pack will be added to your pool of cards as well as additional achievements. Your Deck size must go up 10 cards.

January: 30 min/max cards

February: 40 min/max cards

March: 50 min/max cards

April: 60 min cards

Mid April will be a tournament with your fully Evolved Deck as well as a League Champion Announced!

Look for your fellow EVO League Players!


Full set of Achievements can be found here


New Achievements added!

(4) Vulgar Display of Power: Sacrifice 10 servos/Thopters in a single game
(5) I said no!: Counter 4 spells in a game
(1) On Second thought…: Counter a spell you control
(3) Nothing in this world is free: Cast a spell without paying it’s mana cost
(3) Did you feed him before midnight?: Have 5 Gremlins on the battlefield at once (between you and your opponent.)
(7) Feed me Seymour Feed me: Gain 40 life in a game
(8) ‘Tis but a Flesh Wound: Lose 20 life in a game and still win.
(1) Robots are not people: Exile an artifact
(3) In memory of the Looter Scooter: Draw a card (other than your draw step), discard a card and attack with a Vehicle in the same turn (cannot use the Smugglers Copter for this achievement)
(2) It’s Going to Break Standard!: Kill a Felidar Guardian an Opponent Controls or Sacrifice a Felidar Guardian you control
(6) Revolting: have 20 permanents leave the battlefield in one game
(3) Whose Line is it Anyway?: Improvise for at least 4 different spells in a single game
(7) Totally not an Atog: Sacrifice all artifacts you control in 1 turn (must be a minimum of 4 artifacts)
(9) Growing like weeds these kids are!: place 10 +1/+1 on any numbers of creatures during 1 game.
(1) Quit it: Deal exactly 1 damage to your opponent 3 turns in a row.
(2) Natural Born: Roll a 20 when deciding who will take the play at the beginning of a game
(2) You’re just not that special: Tie a dice roll of 20 when deciding who will take the play at the beginning of a game.
(9) Nice Shot!: Kill a Whale with a “Skywhaler’s Shot”
(2) Shhhhh: Attack with all of your creatures and deal no combat damage to your opponent (minimum of 3 creatures)